Capital Cleanse,    2014-present       In Capital Cleanse, I cast 50 bars of soap 2" in diameter; a box of George Washington's, a box of quarters, (spare change, exchange, change.) I provide soap for public restrooms throughout the US. Twelve dollars and fifty cents represents “bride price” or money exchanged for one girl sold in Nigeria, April 2014 to Boko Haram militants. I plan to multiply the project 219 times representing all the girls sold into sex slavery.        The project has evolved to an online conversation on economics; an exploration on superficiality in skin tone and its link to privilege; and into portraits of Native Americans, the founding mothers and fathers of America, which will be cast in bronze, made permanent, while over ten thousand George Washington’s, or capital, are made with the intent to be used, to change and disappear.      Published: "Art for Everyone" Chapter 3.7 Installation and Performance Art        
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    Participating institutions: Anticipated: Capital Cleanse, Oregon State Penitentiary, Salem, OR.   Capital Cleanse, Bruised “Art as Advocacy,” Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT.                Capital Cleanse, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” Augusta Savage Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.  Capital Cleanse, Shades of Gray, ”Roots,” On The Ground Floor, Los Angeles, CA. Includes online exchange. Capital Cleanse, Uncertain Caucasian, “Transformation,” Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Silver Springs, MD.  Capital Cleanse, Odds and Ends Caucasians, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK.  Capital Cleanse, Uncertain White, Cream and Lavender, Antioch University, WA. Includes online exchange.     Capital Cleanse, Hampton Inn and Suites, Portsmouth, NH. Cleaning lady exchange. Capital Cleanse, “After the (Ten Bulls,)” Temporary Agency, Brooklyn, NY. Invitational group exhibition.
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