In  Impermanent Resident , I provide two hundred bars of soap for the  Fung Wah Biennial  .   I question the process of ‘naturalization.’ Each participant erases an engraved word, such as gender, used to identify an individual on a Certificate of Naturalization. Soaps are wrapped in current, twenty-three page application form that asks questions like: "Have you ever been a habitual drunkard?"   Review In: Hyperallergic
  Impermanent Resident,  2016  Engraved Soap, sizes variable    I
  Clogging the Drain, No. 86224  (Impermanent Resident Series,) 2016   Lint, dust and colored pencil on tape, washed   Site: Washington Wardman Park Marriott, CAA Conference, February 5, 2016
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