Dar·link  \ˈdär-ˈliŋk\ : creating a different structure based on caring for one another,  2014  Project with Anitra Haendel as part of Diane Jacobs' $PEAK OUT. Add your voice here: http://www.dianejacobs.net/work/263  The following 40 quotes written by Anitra Haendel were laser cut into 25 one dollar bills and 15 five dollar bills.       In She $PEAKS, I take quotes from a handwritten notebook Anitra and I passed back and forth from 2005 to 2010. I continue our collaboration post Ani's untimely death and   aim to redefine death, seeing it not as an end, but a point in a continuum.     Review: (p.72-75) "A Change is Gonna Come"    
  Feel(s) like death.
  for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.
  How else will you morph?
  I believe
  I can see Beauty
  I fail.
  I shout “Yes!” my “failures.”
  I want to fix the pain!
  I will stand in the fire with you
  Love overcomes all grief.
  Morph, shed skin
  Most vulnerable most true and most alive!
  She taught me how to love myself.
  She wants to take care of them; but needs to take care of herself first. (FYI
  Sorry sorry
  This is the main question
  Trust myself
  What more is there? (after
  Yes, I can
  You keep the empty moments.
  You’re here to shout with me
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